laupäev, 24. jaanuar 2015

Knittings of 2014

First there were socks. I hadn't been knitting for some 15 years but in winter my feet got cold & the decision was made, try to make myself a pair of woolen socks. Left ones are the first one, right ones are already a try of some more interesting wool.

 These socks I made for my mom.

 My first hat.
 Wrist warmers.

 Mittens for my dad. It was actually my first attempt to knit tradional Estonian patterns & just my lack of knowledge made theis pair so big it only fit my dad. But the pattern itself is local, from the same parish I live in- Tori.
 A mitten/ fingerless for myself.
 Gloves using mt home parish pattern, the so-called window pattern (aknakiri).
These gloves got my mom for Mother's Day. Again I used an Estonian pattern but this time not from my home parish but still from my home county.

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