laupäev, 24. jaanuar 2015

First knittings of 2015

 Socks I made for myself. It was a try of new wool, that I enjoyd using. So there will be coming more socks with this kind of wool.
Socks that I actually planne dto make for my dad, but they came way too big to him ( a lesson learned- never count stiches when you are sick :)) & now my nephew got it.

Hat with Estonian Pattern, this time from Kihnu island

Knittings of 2014

First there were socks. I hadn't been knitting for some 15 years but in winter my feet got cold & the decision was made, try to make myself a pair of woolen socks. Left ones are the first one, right ones are already a try of some more interesting wool.

 These socks I made for my mom.

 My first hat.
 Wrist warmers.

 Mittens for my dad. It was actually my first attempt to knit tradional Estonian patterns & just my lack of knowledge made theis pair so big it only fit my dad. But the pattern itself is local, from the same parish I live in- Tori.
 A mitten/ fingerless for myself.
 Gloves using mt home parish pattern, the so-called window pattern (aknakiri).
These gloves got my mom for Mother's Day. Again I used an Estonian pattern but this time not from my home parish but still from my home county.

Back again.

It's been for few years now but I'm back at blog world again. My aim in this blog not to get bubbling all about my life but more keep myself in track what I've been up to, sort of diary I assume. You are welcome to join in in my journey again. I'll be blogging mostly in English, mainly 'cos my wiriting skills in my own native language Estonian aren't very good & secondly to keep practicing my writing English.